Bee Removal

Thank you for recognizing how valuable honeybees are to our health, food system, and environment and congratulations on taking the first step in protecting the bees that have found their way into your life. With experience in over 100 bee relocation efforts, we are the leaders of the industry in Central Kentucky and are fully insured. Curt and Lauren work together to safely and humanely remove bees and bring them back to our home apiary preserving their ability to pollinate the beautiful landscape around them. Please see below for the important differences between a free swarm removal and Cutouts from a structure. Also, please refrain from spraying the bees with pesticide and sealing up their entrance. This is almost always ineffective and causes a disastrous and unnecessary mess that makes it very difficult to salvage the colony into a new home.

Swarm Removal

Swarm Removal Is Free

Honeybees swarm when the original colony is very strong or has run out of room. The queen bee leaves with half the worker bees (approx 20,000) and they search for a new place to build their new colony. Because the Queen is full of eggs, she is often incapable of flying to the new space in one trip and must stop periodically to rest. You will see a large gathering of bee's holding onto each other and hanging from something such as a tree branch, fencepost, house or other structure. These swarms vary in size and may be anywhere from the size of a volleyball to a beachball and are valuable to beekeepers. Most beekeepers, us included, are happy to remove them free of charge. It should be mentioned that bees are very unlikely to sting while swarming but they are always capable of stinging so please exercise caution.

Cut Out From Structures

Price Varies

Removing an existing colony from a structure is a much different process and takes great time, effort, and experience to do it properly. Bee's who move into a house begin building wax immediately so they will have a place to store their honey, pollen, and brood (baby bees). The queen can lay over 1000 eggs in a day and the gestation of a female worker bee is 21 days. This leads to a rapid increase in the number of bees in the house, and it is very typical to see 40,000-50,000 bees in a house especially if they have been there for a year or greater. We start the removal process with a $40 consultation where we locate the nest using specialized equipment and develop a plan to expose them in a manner that will cause the least amount of damage possible. After exposure, the bees are extracted into a custom protective collection box, and the wax is cut out and secured into frames that will be placed into a hive. After removal of all honey and brood, the wax and bees are taken back to our Apiary in Clark County Kentucky where they will be reunited with their young eggs and larvae and placed into a new "Blewe" Hive. There they will have the opportunity to pollinate and collect the finest nectar in the Bluegrass.

Farm Tour

Our farm is available to tour by appointment. We welcome everyone to come see how our family operates this small farm while providing quality care to our animals. A spring visit will likely include seeing our lambing pens and you may even get to watch a live birth or see us introducing a new swarm into its own “blewe” hive. A fall visit may include vaccinations, hoof trimming, general health check ups with the sheep and fall honey harvest. We have a donkey known as “Rosie” as our flock guardian. She loves to be groomed and get special apple or carrot treats from our visitors. Please contact us at

Equipment Rental

Honey Harvest Equipment Rental $50-250

We have several different sizes of extractors and other helpful gear that can be rented for 1 week at a time saving you the upfront cost of expensive harvesting equipment.

If quick processing is a priority for you consider renting time in our honey house and use our knives, scratchers, uncapping tank, strainers, 12 frame Dadant motorized extractor and 25 gallon bottling tank. Some bottles will be available for purchase but we prefer that you bring your own containers. Rental fee of $35/hour

Photo Sessions

Photo Sessions $35

You are invited to join us in the spring of the year to take photos with our adorable baby lambs. Our Ewe's usually deliver a couple weeks before Easter and the young lambs make excellent additions to your Easter photos.

Private Instruction

Beginning Beekeeper Private Instruction $125-250

Those interested in beekeeping for the first time are invited to join us at our Apiary for an instructional session about equipment, hive management and extraction demonstration if the season will allow it. Spend 2 - 4 hours learning what it takes to get started in beekeeping. Price is for each couple, kids are free.

School Classroom Visit

We love to visit school classrooms to help increase the awareness and importance of honeybees to our food system and environment. Please call to coordinate a mutually acceptable date and time. We are happy to offer this service free of charge for the education. If you would like us to bring fresh local honey in as souvenirs for the kids we ask for a $10 donation per student to cover the cost of the honey.

Class Trip to Blewegrass Apiary

We are thankful that there is a great interest in the preservation of honeybees. We love to have students of all ages out to our farm to learn about the importance of pollination. Students are given a tour of the apiary and see our observational working hive up close. Age appropriate activities will be planned for the group and students will have the opportunity to create their own labels and bottle their own honey. Seasonal interaction with the sheep is also encouraged during your visit. We offer our time free of charge but appreciate a donation of $10/ child for the fresh honey and materials that they will take home.