Local Raw Honey

Local Raw Honey $6-17

Twice a year we harvest some of the finest honey around and offer it for sale to the public. Our honey is gently strained to remove the wax particles but allows for pollen to pass through preserving the beneficial nutrients and enzymes that make local honey so much better for you than anything imported and carried in most grocery stores. Whether you are trying to reduce allergies or promote better GI health our honey will not disappoint. Get yours early because we always sell out.

We are excited to announce the release of a new Lavender infused honey that will be available in very limited quantities in the summer of 2017.

Email for details.

Grass Fed Lamb

Our lambs are all born on our farm and are treated with love and respect from the moment they are born. From the time they hit the ground they are given only their mother's milk and quality grass to graze. This helps promote a healthier lamb that is rich in many beneficial vitamins and nutrients as well as a lower fat content. Our animals are havested in a USDA inspected facility and can be ordered to your exact specifications. They do not receive any antibiotics or hormones. We are excited to announce the release of a new Lamb Bratwurst coming in the fall of 2017! Email for ordering information.

Live Lamb Sales

We have mostly commercial and some registered Katahdin lambs every year for sale to those who contact us near lambing season in the spring. These sheep are a hair breed that is raised primarily for meat, as they do not produce a fiber that is desirable for spinning. Our Lambs are very healthy and do not receive hormones or antibiotics. Antibiotics would only be used on an individual basis if a sheep had an infection that would not heal by non-pharmacological methods including the use of essential oils and herbs. Katahdins are well known for their excellent mothering, strong proliferation, and resistance to parasites and healthy hooves. Please email to inquire about available lambs.

Personal Care Products

We have several body products available by order.

Beard Balm

Blewegrass Apiary Beard Balm has only all natural ingredients in its beard balm. We use our own beeswax from our apiary to seal the moisture into the balm to provide all day moisture to control your beard. Cocoa butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and highest quality essential oils provide the best moisture and for your beard!!!


Our handmade chapstick is created in our honey room and includes beeswax from our very own beehives, shea and coconut butters as well as 100% essential oils for the ultimate in lip moisturizing and protection.

Bath Soaks

Bath Soaks are made using 100% essential oils, epsom salts as well as herbs grown from our garden (lavender, rosemary, mint). Nothing soothes sore muscles better than a soak in a tub!